Looks like you are already a Samsung. Comments how do you delete ringtones you have downloaded on you samsung proclaim phone? Thank you for any help…. It appears that the same product is registered more than once in your account. Try to change the SIM to others phone, if the problem still occurred, ask your provider carrier help. Go to Samsung Service Center, ask for their help to do hard reset by hardware. My samsung galaxy proclaim will play videos on youtube but will not play videos on facebook that have been posted how do i fix this.

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What am Samsung sch-s720c doing wrong here? Music Player; Compatible Music Files: Got an android proclaim and cant find my bookmarks when i click it my list only has Save as bookmark but no Bookmarks.

Wish screen were larger.

I like this samsung sch-s720c. I haven’t experienced any problems with their customer service either. I just recently deleted some important text messages and have spent hours on google trying to find out if there is a way to retrieve them.


My proclaim samsung sch-s720c freezin up while watching videos. Usually, it can be done by using power button and home button combination. I samsung sch-s720c removed a harassing voicemail message and want to retrieve it.

It can be your SIM card with its data networks. I have reviewed your website and can not find the answer on this.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim SC – Full phone specifications

Samsung sch-s720c they checked that, and told me that the phone touch samsung sch-s720c jack are destroyed and have to replace these. Press Menu again 5. Also, When someone samsung sch-s720c me, I can swipe to allow the call but it does not connect me to them at all. She claimed I would mess up their towers. I ended up stealing smaller batt from old flip phone and rolling 2 pieces of elect tape to k eep it wedged in place.

Standby functions can be utilized to extend the battery life even further when deemed necessary. How do I delete instagram photos from my Gallary? Un-Check the box by Download sch-w720c. Alsothey DO come with a 1 year warranty. Samsung sch-s720c do you replace or rebuold this? It should say samsung sch-s720c captured and saved or something.

Comments how do you delete ringtones you have samsung sch-s720c on you samsung proclaim phone? My volume is turned all the way up.


I cant call out on samsung sch-s720c phone nor hear anyone but they can hear me talking. You can go to mytinyphone.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim SCH-S720C – 2GB – Black (Straight Talk) Smartphone

samsung sch-s720c Keeps telling me download failed. Sign up with Google. Everytime I receive samsung sch-s720c call or text the phone voice tells me who I am receiving the call or text from. Up to 16 Scb-s720c Amount of time available in Sleep mode in which a phone’s display is inactive to save power, but not totally shut down.

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim SCH-SC – 2GB – Black (TracFone) Smartphone | eBay

How do I know a text message has been samsung sch-s720c to me and how do I access it? No spotty coverage samsung sch-s720c for me.

I have tried evrything to figure it out. My phone is a smart phone.